Heat Exchangers


Laxmi Automobiles is one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of radiators ranging from Automotive, Industrial ,Agricultural, Material Handling Equipment Off-road vehicles and various specialized high performance applications. We manufacture radiators in both nylon tank and All—aluminium construction. Our experience of over 20 years in manufacturing radiators have made us the preferred choice for radiator supply for many Original Equipment Manufacturers. We even have expertise in manufacturing very high performance compact radiators for custom-built and specialized fields like sport cars and bikes.

Oil Coolers

It is safe to say that Oil Coolers are definitely our forte. Our Oil Coolers have a record of performing above expectations within the most severest of conditions. We manufacture Oil Coolers of all the latest technologies viz, plate-bar type, multi-port type, brazed plate type and the dual plate cross flow dimpled type.
Whatever be your performance requirement and however severe be your constraints, we are sure of giving you a solution you can be satisfied with.

Charge Air Cooler And After Cooler

We manufacture high quality, high performance custom lntercoolers, Charge Air Coolers and After coolers for any application and project you might have in mind.
Our Intercoolers, after coolers and Charge Air Coolers are designed to ensure smooth flow of fluid inside the flow channels and headers so that there is minimal pressure drop across the cooler.


We offer specialized and custom built solutions for all your cooling needs. Be it compact and high performance solution for automotive and aerospace applications or for highly reliable and durable applications for industrial, marine or agricultural applications.

Get in touch with our sales team and we are sure we will be able to provide you the best solution...