Plant Equipments

Laxmi Automobiles offers aluminum brazing furnaces (NB Type) for a variety of workload id throughput needs. All brazing furnaces feature individually controlled heating elements that surround the work zone minimiziig cycle time and providing precise, uniform heating of the workload. Joint-free heating elements eliminate resistance build-up and hot spots. We offer both continous tunneling type and individual batch type furnaces.

We can also offer you additional Fluxer and Degreasing Dryer units as per your requirement.

This imported LXT Series Fin Machine is one of the most versatile radiator pro. ducing products on the market. Each machine is custom built to the customers fin print and customers material. Each machine will run many fin widths id change between them in moments. Additional Modules can be provided to allow different heights and designs.
Whether it’s around the clock production or just small runs of rare sizes, this fin machine offers high efficiency fin production with good bonding surface.

It’s simple design and close to no maintenance requirements pit it at the top of the list or any radiator factory.
We also manufacture other ancillary radiator manufacturing equipment like radiator core builder and radiator water tank clinching machine to give your radiator plant the complete setup and get you started on the go.

We also offer consultancy services for setting up your Aluminium Radiator Plant